my jelly donut

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Jelly Donuts

There are a lot of questions in life without answers. One of my favorite sayings is “God is God; I am not.” People, amidst difficult and despondent situations, tend to ask, “Why would God allow this (bad/wrong/evil) to happen?” Or they take the situation and validate their own belief, their guess, that there is no God since this “bad/evil” has happened. We live in a world full of evil people! Therefore, we see and experience evil things. We live amongst the corrupt and greedy. Look … Read More


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It was January; our first date. A coffee date, casual enough. Get to know each other. I wonder if he would pick the Starbucks on the East side of town, or the one on the West. Maybe, he would pick Coffee Bean. He picks me up; collard shirt, nice jeans, and opens the passenger door to his brand new car, for me. The brand new car wasn’t for me; just the open door. We drive off. Conversation is going well, driving pattern is good, but … Read More