goodness and integrity

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Preface “Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage and the like. More than anything else, it’s about how we treat people.” – Dennis Prager You do not need to be a fan of Dennis Prager to appreciate his comment about goodness. When preparing for the Sheriff’s Academy, I memorized the department’s six points of honor, a graphic of the star shaped badge, and it’s six points: trustworthiness, courage, justice, service, compassion, and teamwork. These six points encouraged my decision to enter … Read More

my jelly donut

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Jelly Donuts

There are a lot of questions in life without answers. One of my favorite sayings is “God is God; I am not.” People, amidst difficult and despondent situations, tend to ask, “Why would God allow this (bad/wrong/evil) to happen?” Or they take the situation and validate their own belief, their guess, that there is no God since this “bad/evil” has happened. We live in a world full of evil people! Therefore, we see and experience evil things. We live amongst the corrupt and greedy. Look … Read More

week one, again

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Jane Baby

It seems like, not that long ago, I was typing about our first week with Baby Mac in baby mac, week one. Now, it has been one week with two-year-old Mac and one-week-old Baby Jane; our little family of four. I was changing one of Baby Jane’s poopy diapers. If you recall, or know from personal experience, these first days bring some interesting scrap material from out of the baby. At first, God shows off his creativity by filling the baby, poop ready, with sticky … Read More

coffee shop

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Coffee Shop

My Coffee Shop: I drink coffee. Back then, any coffee would do; usually 7-Eleven or McDonalds (open late/early). Even then, I did not like Starbucks (although, I admit, I gave them plenty of opportunities). I could tolerate CoffeeBean; it was mediocre. For some reason, I would always put my cup of coffee into another cup (“double cup”) instead of getting a sleeve. Couldn’t tell you why, but, it did become habit. After moving within walking distance of Old Town’s Element Coffee, I obviously, at some … Read More

lessons at two

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Two-year-old Mac

Baby Mac, if you have been paying attention, is no longer a baby. Mac is almost two. Toddler Mac is an amazing little guy, full of surprises, humor, love, strength, wits, wisdom and sin. Adam and Eve sinned. “…she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate.” I am a sinner. “…there is none who does good, not even one.” God responds. To the woman he said, “I will surely multiply your … Read More

you want to do what

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Mac in London

I decided when I was seventeen years old; I wanted to go to Australia, to a discipleship training school. The reaction, “You want to do what?” After working in the marketing and advertising world for four years, I decided I wanted to get into law enforcement. I heard it loudly, “You want to do what?” I say loudly because it rang like a bell in my ear. I met Kelli. Eight months, I bought a ring. Eight more months, I proposed. When I talked with … Read More

the first year

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Mac's 1st birthday party

I hear people say things like, “Life is tough,” “I had a long day,” “I’m really struggling with…” “I don’t know if we can afford that,” “I can never forgive you for…” and in my line of work, “I don’t know if I can take it anymore,” and even “I want to die.” I will agree with the last one, but not for the same reasons I hear at work. I would love to die and live forever. I know one day I will. I … Read More