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It was January; our first date. A coffee date, casual enough. Get to know each other. I wonder if he would pick the Starbucks on the East side of town, or the one on the West. Maybe, he would pick Coffee Bean.

He picks me up; collard shirt, nice jeans, and opens the passenger door to his brand new car, for me. The brand new car wasn’t for me; just the open door.

We drive off. Conversation is going well, driving pattern is good, but wait… We passed the Starbucks. He must be taking me to Coffee Bean. Nope, there goes Coffee Bean too. Where is this guy taking me?

Our first date, our coffee date, at a local Wine and Espresso Cafe. A reserved table, secluded to the rear of the Cafe, flowers, by the fire place.

The date went well. Now I know, that night he told his mother, “I am going to marry her.”

Sixteen months later, back at the cafe for a date night, a dinner. The weekend musician is playing his saxophone. If I would have been more astute, I would have realized the weekend musician was there on a Thursday. But, dinner was going great, and weekend/weekday was not a thought in my mind.

Till a certain song caught my attention; a song I recognized. I started to pay more attention to the song, focusing less on my about to be fiancé. Wait, yes, I do know the song. It was a song my now husband wrote for me, played and sung a few weeks after that first coffee date.

“There is something in your face, That takes my mind to a different place, There is something in your touch, That makes my heart feel so much. And I feel like I am flying, Lost for words is all I’m saying, And I’ve never known because I’ve never been, But I know I love this moment we’re in. And there’s no words, That I can sing, To tell you how much, Happiness you’ve brought me.”

Why, how… I focused back on my date. He was down on one knee, holding a small box with a diamond ring inside.

After responding, “Put it on my finger!” we danced to our song. Everyone in the cafe offered their congratulations. A surprise to me, our parents and my sister then joined us for more wine and celebration.

Thats the beginning of our story, the preface, if you will. Three years after we wed, we were blessed with a baby boy, now one year old. Call it Chapter One, and look forward to the rest of the story yet to be written.

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