baby mac, week one

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Baby Mac Week 1

In less then a couple hours, Mac is officially one-week old. Half of his life has been spent in a hospital. The other 48% has been spent at our home. The remaining 2% of Mac’s life has been spent just outside our house, helping me get the mail and dump the trash. He is not the biggest help, yet, but it is so much more fun to do with him! Our week has been very busy, tending to Mac’s needs (food, diapers, and sleep) and visiting with friends and family. I can’t tell you enough how blessed Kelli and I have been by your support. Every night we have had a gourmet meal, without having to turn on an appliance! Kelli is feeling a lot better today. She can move around a little bit more without the sharp pain. She still is slow to sit, but that too is getting better. She loves Mac. The two of us have nothing but smiles. Except when he looks up at me with big open eyes, squints his lips together, tilts his head slightly, and begins to crap his pants letting out a continuous 20 second rumbling fart, “shart.” He doesn’t care, he is just happy. At those times I don’t smile, I laugh and laugh and laugh! I can’t wait for more of you to meet him! Thank you again for all your prayers.

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