baby mac is here

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Baby Mac in a Basket

Date: March 8, 2011 6:51:21 AM PST

Baby Mac and Kelli are both doing well this morning. Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers. I cannot wait for you all to meet him!!!

Date: March 8, 2011 8:25:11 PM PST

Hello again everyone! Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Baby Mac is in great health. Other than his little cone-head (actually a hemo-something in his head), he is one super healthy little guy. Kelli is doing better. She is still healing from some of her labor wounds, and is slowly getting back to her normal happy self. We are both SUPER excited to be parents. Cant wait for you to meet Baby Mac.

Date: March 9, 2011 11:58:40 PM PST

Praise God! Kelli’s doctor agreed to allow us to go home, as long as Kelli’s mending and healing progressed throughout the day; and did it ever! She is still in some pain caused by an episiotomy that was a last second split decision by the doctor, and she is still obviously very sore from the birth, but she is in great spirits and on recovery road. We just arrived home with Baby Mac. He was too sleepy to get the grand tour. Given that we just moved in to our new town home a couple weeks ago, Baby Mac will get to experience living here just as much as Kelli and me; soon enough! We are all three off to bed now, for a little bit any ways, until the little guy needs to eat. Thank you again for all of your support.

PS. A lot of you have asked about bringing us meals. Of course we would love that and be very blessed by it. In an effort to stay somewhat organized and not get 12 meals on one day, Kelli’s sister, more importantly.. Baby Mac’s AUNTIE!, is helping coordinate what days people are bringing us meals. If you would like to help, send me an email, and i will forward it to her. If you already have her contact info… go from there.

Date: March 10, 2011 7:07:00 PM PST

Mac is doing great, getting acquainted with his new home. Kelli and I are getting acquainted to the new home and our new role, parents! Mac got to meet family friends today; he slept the entire time. They even brought him a baseball glove, but he was sleeping. I realized the glove was a little too big for his hands right now, but his bum fit pretty snug in it! Thank you again for your prayers, your food, your visits, your emails, your facebooks, your smiles for Baby Mac, and all the love you have shown for Kelli, Mac, and Me. Off to the pediatrician tomorrow for Mac’s first appointment; our first trip with a diaper bag and plan to feed/sleep/visit. Cross your fingers for me… we may be late!

Date: March 13, 2011 7:42:00 PM PST

Well, week one was here and now will soon be gone. Baby Mac will be one-week old tomorrow! No party is planned for the event, but Baby Mac will receive a lot of hugs and kisses from Kelli and me. Thanks to everyone who helped us with meals this week; what a blessing! Mac is happy as can be, sleeping, eating and pooping strong. Mac had his Great-Appa (Great Grandpa), one of the grandpa’s he was named after, come to visit today. Appa, John McGuire, is Kelli’s grandpa and used the nickname “Mac,” in his Navy days. My grandpa, Frank Alexander Mahoney, also used the nickname “Mac.” Actually, everyone simply knew him as Mac, not Frank. Baby Mac has had a lot of visitors this week and he has put on a show for all of them; mostly a sleep show. Kelli and I are doing good. Kelli is slowly recovering and her pain is fading. I am off work for the rest of the month and am trying to spend every minute off with Mac and Kelli. I cannot say thank you enough for everyone’s support and prayers. Kelli and I have truly been and continue to be blessed during this time. Thank you!

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